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The Hybrid Model Perfected: Offering the Best Products and Services, at a Competitive Price

About Digithrive

Elite Web Application Development Agency: We integrate strategic business consulting and technological expertise to create competitively priced, fully customized web applications to give you a competitive edge.

Team of Experts: Our team is driven by technology experts and management consultants, who left the corporate world to focus on what matters most to our clients: exceptional customer service and products that significantly improve your profitability.

The Digithrive Hybrid Process

Our Modus Operandi

Initial Assessment: We start by determining whether Digithrive is a good match for your company’s goals. This preliminary step underlies Digithrive’s focus on delivering real results for our clients: if we aren’t able to help you, we’ll direct you to someone who can.

Our signature “Concierge Design Experience”: Our clients have complete control over their web application’s development. Rather than ascribing to the standard industry mentality of minimal engagement and limited input from clients, we focus instead on doing whatever it takes to develop products that satisfy our clients’ business needs.

  • Proactive communication:  We initiate regularly scheduled meetings with our clients to ensure that your goals are clearly communicated and understood.
  • Regular progress assessments: As your product takes shape, we’re constantly re-assessing how we can make your business need to ensure the resulting application is the possible solution for your business.

Client Alignment: When it comes to building your ideal product, collaboration and communication are essential. That’s why Digithrive’s signature “Concierge Design Experience” includes daily meetings with clients to ensure that we’re always in sync with respect to goals and expectations. Close collaboration from start to finish enables Digithrive to develop products that are perfectly tailored to each client’s business needs.

How We Do It

Agile Development: Digithrive is an agile web development agency. The very nature of web app development is fluid; we welcome change as an essential part of our creative process and manage risk through an iterative process of emergent design.

The Hybrid Model: Digithrive’s perfection of the hybrid on- and offshore web development model gives us the ability us to offer our clients the best products and services at a competitive price. Our clients interact solely with Digithrive’s San Diego-based management team, which designs and manages every step of the product’s development with a professional team of offshore developers.

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The “Concierge Design Experience”

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