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Set Up SSH for Bitbucket on Windows

Doing web development for Linux-based programming languages and servers in a Windows environment doesn’t have to be a headache. With a few simple tools and a couple workarounds, any workstation environment can be made into the right tool for nearly any job.

In this article, I will be reviewing the hoop-jumping required to get things rolling for working with Bitbucket over SSH through SourceTree. This method of authentication is a superior workflow for overall security, and general ease of access. It’s also a good way to get into SSH keys in general on Windows, and could lead down a better path for server access over SSH using powerful Windows apps, such as WinSCP and CygWin.

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A Plethora of Payment Processors

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to accepting credit cards online. In fact, there are almost too many choices.

There’s PayPal, who also owns Braintree. And Braintree in turn owns Venmo. And then there’s Stripe, Square, Authorize.net, WePay and QuickBooks Payments. Not to mention banks like Chase, B of A, and Wells Fargo who all have their own offerings. And what about Apple Pay and Google Wallet?

I know right? It makes my head hurt and I do this for a living. So how do you decide which credit card processor is right for your business? Read more

Shape Perception – Website Conversions

There are plenty of ways to support and grow businesses online. To conclude the “Shape Perception” series, I am going to cover the most popular forms of website conversions, and the basic methodologies surrounding each.

Conversions are the process of executing a business transaction, end-to-end, with sales following and customer service being reactionary to the business transactions execution. Conversions are laid out in almost exactly the same was as Lead Generation Funnels; they ask for site visitor data, they need to only ask for what they absolutely must have in order to conduct a business transaction, and they need to be clear, uncluttered, concise, on-brand, and easy to navigate. Read more

Shape Perception – Facilitate Conversion

To continue the overview of users’ perception of processing visual cues in web site user interfaces, this month, I dive into a key factor in operating an online business, or supporting your business with an online presence: Conversions.

It is important to follow website layouts that don’t push the limits of site visitors’ attention spans, patience, or understanding of your product. Being knowledgeable about several key terms and adhering to a few simple standards will help websites maintain a valuable average earn per site visitor. Read more

Go Global: Essentials For Building A Location-Independent Business

Today’s highly connected world grants companies of all sizes and their workers the unprecedented opportunity to go location-independent, successfully operating a great distance away from clients and colleagues. The cost and time saving benefits of taking your company global are well discussed, but the process for getting there is a bit more enigmatic. It takes a conscious effort to ensure that your workforce continues to provide the cohesiveness and individual attention of a local business.

When looking to build a location-independent business, I was careful to seek out tools and develop processes in order to maintain the quality and level of productivity our clients have come to expect. The result has been maximized efficiency and improved communication despite greater physical distance, and our clients are more than happy with the results. Read more

Shape Perception – Entry Pages

In business, what you sell and how you sell it are vital to success. Your company’s website is your opportunity to make a lasting, and positive impression on potential clients, or references. Website visitors are more impatient than ever before, and being mindful of how much time each page, each click, each form takes from a site visitor every step of the way through a business transaction will increase sales, increase return customers, increase page views, increase business growth. Almost every facet of a website’s interface matters when asking for a site visitor to actively take part in providing information about themselves and their financial details.

Successful websites provide a professional appearance, a clear path for users should follow, and outline exactly what the goal of the visited web page is. Each website section should serve a primary purpose with an isolated business outcome, these outcomes should relate to one another in a meaningful way, or be the exact same for simpler business models, and a website should never ask for something that is “wants”, it should only get what it needs to conduct itself properly and grow. Read more