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We are web and mobile application experts

Digithrive is a premier web development and app team, consisting of industry experts with over 40 years combined experience in web technologies. We work directly with you throughout your project to design and manage every step of the development process.

If you are building a small to medium-scale site or application, Digithrive is the team you’ve been looking for.


Digithrive, Inc. was fantastic to work with during our website development and implementation. They were patient with all of our non-technical questions and provided thoughtful guidance that helped us keep on track during creative battles. Their service after the website was migrated to the hosting server was very responsive. I am very pleased with the way our project turned out.

Jeff Kiec

Duane and I were just discussing how fortunate we’ve been to work with you both on this venture. You have been fair, competent, thorough, patient, and willing to dive into making changes on short notice. For all of this we are truly grateful.

Mary Pat Hastings

Thanks for letting me listen in on your call with your team. I was impressed at how well you coordinate across distances. I admit that I was skeptical about working with offshore devs because I’ve heard so many horror stories, but I can really see how the work you guys have put into process and communication had really paid off.

Rigo Navarro

Our Process

Digithrive Process

Initial Planning

In the Initial Planning phase of your project, we focus on learning your business model and defining the users of your application. We begin constructing “user stories” to express certain application features from the perspective of business user who will benefit from that feature.

Design Headstart

When we’ve defined enough user stories to have a clear understanding of where to start, we begin wireframing your application and documenting technical architecture requirements. We do just enough design to get our developers started, and then design and development run in parallel for the rest of the project.

Development Sprints

The bulk the project is spent in this phase. A development “sprint” is a two-week evolution where we plan, design, develop, and test an increment of application functionality, and then bring it to you to kick the tires. By building your product a few user stories at a time, we ensure that any lessons learned are incorporated into the rest of the project. This is the essence of Agile Development.

Final Testing and Launch

After final testing, last minute tweaks or changes, you’re ready to go live. During this phase we’ll help you put a support structure in place for your product, set up the live servers, and submit your app to the relevant app stores if necessary.

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